Monday, August 29, 2011

New PyTexas Website!

We have a new PyTexas website!

It looks almost exactly like the blogspot site (which has a new URL btw at, but seriously, it's not built using Blogspot.:)

The new site is built using the same Python-based Django/Pinax Symposion software used to create the US PyCon 2011 website, as well as DjangoCon 2011 and PyOhio 2011. This will allow us to soon start enabling many of the same features as those websites, most importantly the talk schedule.

Thanks go to Glen Zangirolami of Houston for all the technical setup of putting this site together, including creating developer environment VirtualBox machines to make it easy for others to contribute and test changes. Let us know if you're interested in helping out!

The code for the new website is in the PyTexas organization on GitHub. If you're interested in contributing, let me know and I'll add you to the team. We can help you get the development environment set up.

Currently I'm the primary maintainer of the page content of the new site, as well as the blog and the wiki. I need help! There's a lot of info about PyTexas which I simply have not had time to post in a presentable fashion. (For example, Snoball is hosting a big party on Saturday evening...that goes somewhere on the website, right?!)

Now the family of PyTexas websites has a URL organization which looks like this:

There is also an IRC on Freenode, at #pytexas.  Hey, and don't forget to join the PyTexas mailing list.

Hey, btw...we have over 150 registrations for PyTexas. This thing is becoming a monster which I can barely keep up with (I have a full time job which is running out of vacation days!). Please let me know if you can help out; there is a lot to get ready in the next two weeks!  I want to have a meeting soon with volunteers and get all the tasks documented.

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