Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PyTexas 2011 Grab Bag: News, Help Wanted, and Jeff Rush Alert

There's been a lot of PyTexas activity over the past week and I've barely had time to post details about progress and plans. The new website/blog has been an indispensable tool for building our public presence and sponsors are continuing to step forward.

Registration Starts Mon Aug 8

Next Monday Aug 8 I'm planning to open attendee registration; several surveys will follow soon after. Sponsor logos will be prominent alongside the registration forms and surveys, and I'm pushing to get sponsors signed up before that date to maximize the visibility of those logos.

Sponsor News

Sponsorships have continued to build; the money has started to roll into the PSF as several pledges sponsors utilized the PSF payment gateway for PyTexas. New sponsors have joined:
  • Wing IDE joined at the Silver Level and will also be offering prizes.  
  • O'Reilly Media will be offering prizes
  • Enthought, the major sponsor of SciPy, and a significant Python employer in Austin, TX, has joined the roster of Platinum Sponsors. 
The t-shirt design will also be finalized on Mon, Aug 8. After that it will be too late for additional Platinum Sponsors.

Volunteer Help Wanted

So far several volunteers have tested the registration page and we haven't had problems reported.

Does anyone have any feedback on additional form elements which need to be added to the registration page? (Bear in mind there are several separate surveys planned

I could use some help on the Sponsor Descriptions page, which is not yet published. I want to follow the same concept as on the new PyCon website (, which is awesome by the way.  Anybody want to help with it?

Also, if anyone wants to contribute to the PyTexas blog, let me know and I can give you a login.

Overall the new site still needs work, and I have a number of specific ideas in mind. I could use some consultation, as I want to point to the new site, but set up some form of URL redirection to make sure the legacy links pointing to can still go back to the wiki at  My web experience is limited, and time is short; can anyone advise?

Bonus News Flash -- Jeff Rush Alert

Jeff Rush has offered an extensive list of presentation proposals, which we'll all soon vote on by survey.

I'm personally a fan of Jeff's presentations from past PyCon, PyTexas, and DFW Pythoneers events, and it's great to have a wide selection of interesting topics for the community to choose from. Jeff's presentations are often encouraging to beginners yet teach new things to advanced Python developers, and all have been excellent.

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