Friday, August 31, 2012

PyTexas 2012 T-Shirt Features Cute Doggies

Register Today or Pay the Procrastination Price

Yesterday I mistakenly thought that Aug 30 was the last day of the month and thus the final day to register for PyTexas at the $25 price, as well as the last day to submit a talk proposal. So I posted this to every relevant publicity outlet I could access. (Was this a clever plan of my subconscious mind or just an "off by one" error?) still have today, which in the US Central Time Zone gives you perhaps half an afternoon to procrastinate if you read this right away, but most readers will spot this later in the evening and suddenly realize they are out of time and need to register. right. now.

I hope we can get at least 150 attendees to match last year's attendance. It looks like so far we have 92 attendees registered at the moment, most of whom have paid. A few may be holding off just because they actually want to pay the full $50 price in order to boost the PyTexas coffers.

Others may not yet have registered, unsure of whether the cool factor is great enough. Perhaps the outstanding lineup of talks will convince them, or the prospect of prizes, but my hope is that the awesomeness of this year's PyTexas t-shirt will close the deal for the fence-sitters.

PyTexas 2012 T-shirt Front

Thanks very much to Kat Metzger from Flexible Creations for creating this image for the PyTexas t-shirt.

What's with the Cute Doggies?

The pug dog has sometimes been spotted on Python user groups (PUGs) websites over the years, but has recently by official proclamation been named the Python community mascot.  And of course, College Station locals know that the Python Pug's companion in this image refer to Reveille, the mascot of Texas A&M University.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Last day for PyTexas $25 registration and talk proposals

Just wanted to send out this quick reminder--today is the last day for PyTexas $25 registration; starting tomorrow it will cost $50.  Btw, you need to actually pay the $25, not just register.

Today is also your last day to post your talk proposals.

Btw, there is going to be a PyTexas t-shirt given away with every registration. I've seen advance drafts which are beautiful, drawn and colored by Kat Metgzer, the same artist who did the PyTexas 2010 t-shirt.  This evening after work I might be able to post the artwork.