Monday, September 5, 2011

Free Food and Drinks at PyTexas

I'm pleased to announce that PyTexas has new sponsorships in the category of food and drink.

  • Texas A&M College of Architecture has generously agreed to provide breakfast, snacks, and drinks for all attendees on both Saturday and Sunday. This includes that all important caffeine source, coffee, which we conspicuously failed to provide at last year's PyTexas. Never again. 
  •, already a Platinum Sponsor and active instigator of ideas and encouragement for PyTexas 2010, has decided to go all-out by throwing a party for the whole conference on Saturday evening evening at Fitzwilly's Bar and Grille.  Everyone gets food and drinks, including free beer.  The upstairs is reserved for us with pool tables, darts, and places to chill and sit.  You'll need to pick up your invitation at the PyTexas registration desk in the form of a dog tag.

I'd also like to mention that members of both these organizations have contributed significantly to PyTexas as volunteers, so they both deserve our thanks for helping make PyTexas an awesome conference.

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